A passion for food and family is what gives owners Marc Iannuzzi and Danny Rassi a unique perspective on providing the freshest possible fast-dining experience.


“We got a chef out here!”

Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers co-owner Danny Rassi called into the kitchen then leaned on the counter returning his full attention to my 10-year-old daughter.  She was telling him all about how she can cook a perfect fried egg and how difficult it was for others to cook one up to her standards.  He asked her what kind of burger she was getting. When she told him she was waiting on a Build Your Own with bacon, caramelized onion, swiss cheese, a fried egg, and “wicked” sauce, he laughed, high-fived her and said, “You order like the bomb!”

He left her watching the kitchen action and came over to our table and greeted us like family.  “She can have a job here anytime she wants!” he joked.

It makes sense that Danny made our whole table feel like part of the family; Wicked Fresh was born from deep family roots in the food industry. It was family that got him into the food business, family that brought him to the Mt. Washington Valley, and family that dreamed, planned, and opened this restaurant.  Danny’s sister Kathy and brother-in-law Marc Ianuzzi first brought the valley the beloved and award-winning White Mountain Cupcakery.  They convinced Danny and family to move here and worked towards opening a new venture together.  Over Sunday dinners, Danny and Marc first experimented with—and then perfected—the recipes that make up the Wicked Fresh menu.

The Anatomy of fresh

Wicked Fresh is a burger joint with a foodie feel.  The owners firmly believe that if you respect the food and where it comes from it will be flavorful and the final product will be great, so they are mindful of their suppliers and source their ingredients local and fresh. This philosophy must be a good one, since throughout the restaurant, tables filled with laughter and conversation fell silent except for occasional groans of, “Yum,” “Delicious,” and “Best … burger … all … year,” as  soon as their food arrived.

My husband drooled with delight as he bit into his “Wicked Fun-gi,” a smashed burger with portobello mushroom, swiss cheese, and garlic mayo.  My fried-egg-connoisseur daughter sliced through the center of her burger as she has seen the TV chefs do, and pronounced it to be perfect.  My younger daughter was thrilled with her grilled cheese from the kid’s menu that she had customized with pickles. I went vegetarian and loved my black bean burger with cilantro lime mayo. We all shared a side of Wicked Fries.  Hand-cut from local, farm-fresh potatoes and tossed with house-grown herbs, the fries alone will get us back in the door quickly.

I asked what their secret to delivering such a juicy, flavorful burger was. Danny explained that the secret is in the “smash.”  They hand roll their special blend of beef into balls, and then smash it on the hot griddle with a cast iron form. 

This technique locks in the flavor by forming a crust and trapping the juice like in a pan-seared steak.  And, of course, there is the fact that everything is fresh.  The only thing frozen is the ice cream!  It is the details like these that raise the bar for these burgers.

Danny and Marc started this restaurant with a vision of bringing “fresh food fast” to the Mt. Washington Valley.  With the Valley’s growing locavore food market, a restaurant that is passionate about providing quality, fresh food in a place where everyone becomes part of the family is a welcome addition.  Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers is sure to be a smashing success!

Meet the Iannuzzi and Rassi Family

Wicked Fresh Craft BurgersFriends, brothers-in-law, and native Bostonians, Marc Iannuzzi and Danny Rassi, have over 45 years combined experience in the culinary world.

They share a passion for the culinary arts—and for their growing families. When the Iannuzzis relocated to New Hampshire, they first worked with an amazing team at the Red Fox, then opened their own business, the White Mountain Cupcakery on Main Street in North Conway.

After winning on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, the business’s popularity grew around town and across the country. Danny and his family soon followed them north, and Danny joined the wonderful teams at the acclaimed White Mountain Cider Company and the Vista Country Store.

Today the Iannuzzi and Rassi families are united in this new pursuit. Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers is the realization of years of dreaming and planning. Blending their passion for food and family is what gives Marc and Danny a unique perspective on providing the freshest possible fast-dining experience. Their energy, authentic talents, and wicked amazing creations are sure to satisfy foodies and casual diners alike.


Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers
19 Barnes Road, North Conway, NH
(603) 730-5907


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