Hourglass Adventures offers a new take on the new world of escape games

Looking for a fun, fast-paced group challenge? Do you have an interest in solving logic-based puzzles? Or is your group just on the hunt for something different to do?

Hourglass Adventures has you covered on all fronts with a new take on the already-new world of escape games. The concept is simple: solve a series of logical puzzles to reach an end goal, all while using only the resources given to you. Hourglass Adventures’ tropical-themed “Tohua Island” is a mobile escape game that can be set up anywhere. This makes it great for office team-building, community events, family reunions, or even fundraisers. What’s more, “Tohua Island” is scalable to accommodate groups of 40 or more. With the engaging and fast-paced challenges these escape games provide, you have the perfect recipe for fun with any group.

Keith Force, owner and game designer with over two years of experience, already has his sights set on future projects. In the works are pirate- and sci-fi-themed games, shorter 7- to 12-minute pop-up games, and eyeing a potential home for “classic escape room” games.

Keith’s more ambitious goals include a massive scavenger hunt and escape game combinations as well as very unique games set in unique locations. As Keith has said, “The only limitation is imagination!”


HOURGLASS ADVENTURE Escape Games Highlights

Mobile escape games can be set up at businesses, restaurants, schools, ski clubs, special events, even pop-up tents

• Great for team-building from small groups to 40 people or more

• Customizations can be added to games for unique events

• Follow Hourglass Adventures’ Facebook page for special announcements, deals, and upcoming events


To book or for more information, call (603) 730-9148 or visit www.hourglassadventures.com.

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