Month: May 2018

White Mountain Humor Print Friendly Like 0 The Not-So-White Mountains Waiting for spring to come to the Valley is like waiting for an old percolator coffee pot to deliver the goods. By Jake Jacobson   Anyone who tells you that spring is their favorite season in the Mt. Washington Valley has definitely never truly experienced spring in the Mt. Washington Valley. Either that or they’re full of manure … or something else that affects their long-term memory. Waiting for spring to come to the Valley is like waiting for an old percolator coffee pot to deliver the goods. It always...

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Wineries of the Whites

Making New Connections in the Napa of NH By Jaimie Crawford   I n a world where making meaningful personal connections with others feels difficult, and face to face conversations are being replaced electronically, there is one surprising remedy to that feeling of disconnect: wine. And it’s not what you might think. The euphoric feeling you get when you drink fermented grape juice releases your inhibitions and makes you and the world that much friendlier. While it may do that to a degree, that’s not why people are bonding. It’s the collective experience when learning about wines that brings...

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real estate corner

From Surviving to Thriving … How the Mt. Washington Valley Changed One Family’s Life By Chris Major, Caldwell Banker Wright Realty   “Have you heard the Raining Tacos song?” Eight-year-old Oliver asks me as I settle in at the kitchen table of his family’s home. To his 10-year-old sister Ella’s delight, I tell him no, I have not. They play me the silly song, giggling madly, while their parents and I look on, unable to hold back our amusement. Looking at Andy Dean, his wife Jess, and their two children relaxing and having fun after a day of work...

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Guide to Tuckerman Ravine

TUCKERMAN RAVINE A Guide to the Birthplace of Extreme Skiing By Jake Risch   Thousands of people make the trek up to the bowl every spring. The gullies, chutes, and snowfields on the eastern flank of Mount Washington are hallowed ground, a sanctuary of steep, where legends are born and history made. Early spring is often the prime season for Tuckerman Ravine. The warm days and cool nights set up a melt-freeze cycle that cultivates Tuckerman’s staple crop of corn snow. The terrain is unlike any found at ski resorts in the Northeast. The above treeline skiing offers steep...

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