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Autumn Pickings

Page Title Falling in Love with Apple Picking The sweet smell of apples in the fall air always brings a mouth-watering smile to my face. Many chilly and wonderfully lazy afternoons spent apple picking have produced some of our best family memories. There is something about the gnarled branches of an apple tree, the fluttering leaves speckled with shining drops of red, that sets the perfect New England backdrop for great family pictures. As you may guess, any orchard in the Mount Washington Valley and neighboring towns boasts amazing mountain views as well. Despite the short growing season here in the Valley, the apples are in no hurry. They are right at home, and can only reach perfection in the cooler temperatures of early fall. I’ve always thought it oddly beautiful the way orchards are planted in perfect lines. I know there are practical reasons, but to me the irony lies in the trees themselves. The wild twisted branches grow any which way, their rugged bark flaking off like dragon scales, carelessly scattering perfect juicy fruits all over the ground below. Oddly—when you are picking—you don’t follow any planned path, but wander this way and that, taking a little here … a few more over there. The apples always seem riper, crisper, juicier—the next row over. The planting of those trees in absolute straight rows arranges the mess, creates...

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Mt. Washington Valley Covered Bridges

How Mount Washington Valley Covered Bridges Have Weathered the Storms   The scenic and historic area of the Mount Washington Valley, a year-round home for many, as well as a renowned tourist destination for over 150 years, is well-known for the nine historic covered bridges that dot its landscape. Included in this number are two bridges to the eastward in Maine at Fryeburg and Porter-Parsonfield, one bridge at the southern approach to the Valley in West Ossipee, one bridge to the westward in Sandwich, as well as five others in the heart of the Valley, located in the towns...

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7 Pro MWV Photographers Share Fall Foliage Tips

Seven Local Pro Photographers Share Their Top Three Foliage Tips The Mount Washington Valley and the White Mountains of New Hampshire offer, arguably, some of the most scenic fall foliage photography opportunities in New England, if not North America. Whether you live in the region full- or part-time, or are making the trip to the Valley for the first time, the mountains, lakes, and rivers of the region provide us with a photographic palette just waiting to be captured. Regardless of the type of camera you have, there are plenty of ways to capture great photographs. Particularly during the...

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